Race Rules

Registered competitors will run on the advertised and approved Everyday Lions Events course as directed and will not accept outside assistance.

Registered competitors will accept any organiser, event volunteer, or employee and or judge’s decision as final.

No registered competitor will be awarded an event placing unless they are wearing an event number on the front of their body visible throughout the entire event.

No registered competitor deemed to have received outside assistance will be eligible for official prizes or placings. Officials, including but not limited to course marshals, drink station attendants and road traffic control personnel have the authority to disqualify or remove entrants from the course.

Failure to obey the direction of an official will result in disqualification. Everyday Lions events reserve the right to cancel or reject any entry in any event at any time particularly in but not limited to weather conditions that make the Devonport Christmas Fun Run event dangerous.

In any circumstances where cancellation is necessary due to safety concerns registration entry fees will not be refunded and recompense may not be claimed by entrants for any other consequential loss.

The Devonport Christmas Fun Run/Everyday Lions Events advises against wearing music/audio devices with headphones for your safety and those around you. A safe runner is fully aware of their surroundings.

No skateboarders, roller skaters and cyclists to enter or accompany the run.

Pets are not permitted for safety reasons.

Everyday Lions Events reserves the right to alter without notice any rules and conditions which govern the event.

Everyday Lions Events will not process refunds after the date of the event.

Competitors should follow and obey COVID- 19 safety plans and rules.

No refunds due to the participant having or suspecting of having COVID-19.

All walkers/walkers with prams must start at the back of the field. It is the responsibility of the competitors to self seed appropriately for safety reasons. 

 All entry registrations are non refundable, but in the case of unforeseen circumstances the Devonport Christmas Fun Run will endeavor to hold the event at a later date. 

We are more than happy to swap one event over to another. If the event you are swapping over to costs less, we will not refund the difference in price. If an event is more expensive, you will be required to pay the current price of this registration.

If you are unable to attend the event as a result of the date change you can choose to transfer to the virtual 5k event or request a refund (less a 20% administration fee) which will be processed in the same method as paid. ( up until the 16th of January – 11:59 p.m. )